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I am a professor of physics at the Physics Institute of the University of Sao Paulo (USP).  My research is focused on interface areas between physics and astronomy, in particular observational cosmology.

I have been recently involved in large projects in cosmology and astrophysics whose main goal is to search for evidences of dark energy, dark matter and the mechanisms behind the Universe's expansion and structure formation.

These projects are large-area, deep galaxy surveys that are mapping galaxies, quasars and supernovas in the observable Universe. These instruments rely on a new generation of telescopes and instruments capable of imaging large areas of the sky for cosmological studies.s.


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Our group now:

Graduate students

  • Natália Vila Nova Rodrigues - Machine Learning techniques in astrophysics; applications in quasar classification and cosmology in J-PAS and WEAVE-QSO
  • Natalí Soler Matubaru de Santi - Machine Learning applications in cosmology
  • Ian Lucas Tashiro - Angular power spectrum and multi-tracer techniques
  • João Lucas Dinarte Ferri - The Fisher matrix for large-scale structure on the past light cone: angular power spectrum vs. Fourier spectrum

Undergraduate students

  • Nathalia Dutra Pires (PIBIC fellowship)
  • Matheus Balisa Pauliquevis (FAPESP fellowship)
  • Victor Roberto Soares da Silva  (FAPESP fellowship)
  • Mateus Franca Giordano